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What Is Malware?

Malware is malicious software that was created for the sole purpose of damaging or harming your computer. Malware gains access to your computer without you knowing about it. There are several ways malware can get onto your computer. One way is a suspicious link that you might have clicked on from an e-mail where you don’t recognize the sender. Another way is by downloading a file that is actually malware. Maybe you’re trying to find certain software, and you downloaded it from a site you don’t recognize and the file is actually malware.

Malwares comes in many different forms. They can be spyware, which spies on your computer, slowing it down by displaying ads all the time on your computer. Much more harmful types of malware include worms or viruses, which can destroy the way your computer operates.

The most dangerous of malware are keyloggers. Keyloggers can take the passwords you type into websites and give them to hackers, which they can now use to access your online accounts and steal your identity.

Malware started off as an experiment but is now a big way for hackers to make money accessing your computer. They make money by forcing adware that you are forced to view if your computer was infected by malware. They can steal bank accounts. They can track Internet browsing history and use your e-mail to spam other e-mail addresses.

Malware can entrench itself deep into the operating system and can be quite difficult to get rid of. Many IT companies and professionals have specialized tools to get rid of malware. That’s why choosing the right IT provide is critical for any business.

Many It providers will also help install security software such as anti-viruses that will block viruses from getting onto your computer. These anti-virus software prevent viruses from infecting computers, and are critical for preventing downtime. Here at Mikrodots, we provide the best anti-virus software out there that will protect computers 24/7. Call us at 781-932-6655 if you’re interested in ordering our malware and anti-virus services.

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